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Colgate Simply White vs Crest Whitestrips - Reviews to help you make an informed decision

By Robert B.

Recent studies on teeth whitening prove that whiter smiles can be achieved by regular brushing and by using over the counter teeth whitening products.

The question is, what are you waiting for if you’re not taking advantage of these products?

As you probably already know, the two major competitors in this industry include Crest and Colgate Palmolive. Which is the strongest tooth whitening product? It’s hard to say, both have their own benefits and complications, but Colgate and Crest whitestrips reviews can certainly help!

Colgate Simply White vs Crest White Strips

The Colgate Simply White product line consists of a gel that comes in a “white-out” looking bottle (probably not a coincidence) with an applicator brush. There are two versions available, one to wear during the night, for 14 nights, or the other, which you must apply twice a day for 14 days. These are not white strips, but just a gel application

Crest has many types of whitening products, including the traditional Crest white strips (also in Premium & Supreme) and Crest Night Effects. The whitestrips are a thin plastic strip with peroxide gel on it. You simply fold them over the teeth and leave them in place for the recommended time. The Night Effects are a gel that you can apply to your teeth while you sleep, no strips required.

All of these products are equally effective and generally contain less than 10% peroxide gel. When looking at Colgate and Crest Whitestrips reviews, it’s advised to select one that is the most comfortable, as they all have similar strengths of whitening power.

Side effects of tooth whitening

Like any drug or medical procedure, a minority of the users may experience undesired side effects. If you have sensitive teeth, then your teeth may be more sensitive to hot, cold, or sugary foods while whitening your teeth. If intense pain is experienced, seek the advice of a dental professional immediately.

While Colgate & Crest whitestrips reviews may clear up some of your questions, the easiest way to learn about them is ask your friends and family which products they have tried and recommend. Once you’ve made a decision, you can find these teeth whitening products for sale online, such at the merchants recommended below.

Colgate & Crest Whitestrips

Crest White Strips -
One of the first publicly available, over the counter whitening system. Whiten your teeth during the day or night with these strips. icon

Colgate Whitening -
Simply White application gel that sticks to teeth. No strips required. icon

Teeth Whitening Information & Kits -
Read this excellent article from a dentist regarding tips and techniques on how to whiten your teeth effectively.


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