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Replacement tooth brush heads are a MUST for Sonicare and other electric toothbrushes

By Robert B.

Just how you should regularly replace your toothbrush, the same goes for electric toothbrushes. Well, you donít have to replace the entire electric toothbrush, after all, the good ones arenít cheap, but just their brush heads.

Itís a good habit to regularly replace your tooth brush heads every six months. While the brush head may not look bad, a worn down brush head can be very ineffective at cleaning your teeth.

Brands Available

As you might as well know, there are a few main brands of electric toothbrushes on the market, and each requires a specific replacement tooth brush head; This is not a "one size fits all" scenario.

So what types of brush heads are available online?

  • Phillips Sonicare advance series brush heads
  • Interplak tooth brush heads (known as Interplax by some)
  • Braun oral-b brush heads
  • Cybersonic brush heads
In general, buying toothbrush heads in larger quantities is cheaper and honestly, a better idea. By always having extra brush heads, you canĎt procrastinate in replacing it when that time comes. And honestly, if you drop your electric toothbrush on the floor or any dirty place, do you still want to use that brush head? I donít think so!

Single replacement heads can run between $10 and $20, while multi-packs generally lower the cost per brush head substantially. If youíre going to use them eventually, why not stock up?!

Replacement Brush Heads

Sonicare Replacement Brush Heads -
Keep your Sonicare toothbrush cleaning well by replacing the brush head. icon

Braun Oral-B Brush Heads -
Every Braun Oral-B toothbrush needs a new brush head every 6 months to maintain proper working order. icon

Interplak Brush Heads -
Find to hard Interplak toothbrush heads can be purchased here. icon


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