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Bad breath home remedies - Do they work?

By Robert B.

Every possible home remedy to bad breath as already been tried, from swallowing baking soda to consuming other products to cover bad breath.

And if youíre not careful you could be doing more harm than good. Most home remedies treat the symptoms, not the cause, so youíre fighting a downhill battle.

Letís first start with asking a simple question:

Why do you have bad breath?

This question is as general as asking "Why am I tall?" The answer is different for every single person, but there are some general solutions and cover-ups for bad breath.

What you must first realize is the difference between solutions for bad breath and products to cover bad breath. Treating the source of the bad breath is the best long term solution to treating the problem, but this requires a different strategy for every person. Bad breath home remedies generally only "mask" the odors, not cure them.

In general, sulfur producing bacteria in your mouth and overly dry mouths are to blame. These bacteria feed off food particles left between your teeth and in your mouth. While brushing helps this, the average person brushes for less than a minute, which generally does no good. Dentists recommend brushing for at least 2 minutes to adequately clean all the surfaces of the mouth.

And go easy on the mouthwash! Although it may cover up the smell, most mouthwashes have alcohol in them that dry out the mouth, making any bad breath odors worse. Gum helps to mask the smell as well, but youíll never find bad breath in gum, as if the gum ďsucksĒ out the odors. Gum increases saliva, which moistens the mouth. Overly chewing gum can lead to more plaques and problems that could cause bad breath too.

Another common question is "Can tonsils cause bad breath?" They can if you have tonsillitis, or an infection of the tonsils where they produce small foul smelling "pebbles" which can fall into the back of your throat. Besides regularly cleaning these out with a water pick, they can accumulate in the tonsils and radiate a bad smell. The only permanent solution to this issue is having them removed.

Possible Solutions to Bad Breath

  • Tongue Scraper - A fresh up tongue scraper or an OraSweet tongue cleaner can help remove some of the bacteria from the back of your tongue that cause bad breath. Be gentle though, if you donít notice an improvement, donít scrape harder! The problem may be deeper in your tongue.

  • Mouth Oxygenator - You might be asking whatís this? Well the bacteria in your mouth that produce foul odors are anaerobic, or they donít require oxygen to live. By flooding these bacteria with oxygen it actually helps decrease the amount in your mouth. A common product such as TheraBreath does just this. Itís an oxygenator because it introduces more oxygen into the areas of anaerobic bateria.

These products work differently for everyone, so if youíre not receiving results as expected, contact the manufacturer or your dentist. Also, please be careful with home remedies for bad breath; these often cause more harm than good.

Fighting bad breath is not easy or fun, but once youíve beaten it, you and people around you will notice the difference!

Bad Breath Remedies

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