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Knowing how the Zoom Teeth Whitening process works gives you the information to make the best decision for your dental health

By Rebecca Blain

Before you make any investment of time or money into Zoom, you need to research the Zoom teeth whitening process so that you can make a fully educated decision that you will not regret later. As spending the time and money to get the white smile you want is a big decision, being aware of what occurs and what you need to do to make the process effective is the only way you have to be better able to protect yourself.

As with all tooth whiteners, the Zoom teeth whitening process comes with the standard side effects of teeth whiteners. While the actual procedure, done by a practitioner in an office, only takes about twenty minutes in many cases, the process causes your gums and teeth to be extra sensitive afterwards. This only lasts for a short period of time, however, which makes this process preferable to many individuals. While the exact statistics are not available, it is believed that even this process leaves you at a slight risk of cancer in the future, although it is thought that this risk is notably lower than other, longer term solutions.

The Zoom Teeth whitening process involves isolating gums and lips from your teeth, adding a solution, and activating with a light. Once this is done, a fluoride solution is used, and the process is completed. This is painless, save for sensitivity afterwards, and easy. By brushing at least twice a day with a reach toothbrush or other brush, and touching up with a take home package, you can enjoy white teeth for years to come.

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