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Sonicare Elite 7800 and other toothbrush facts and care information that you should be aware of

By Rebecca Blain

When you own any toothbrush, regardless of whether or not it is a Sonicare Elite 7800, there are a lot of information and other toothbrush facts that you need to be aware of. As dental hygiene is very important if you desire a bright, healthy smile, you need to make certain that you know all there is to know about modular toothbrush care and standard brush care.

The Sonicare Elite 7800 and every other toothbrush needs to be taken care of in a certain way. Regardless of whether it is a cheaper brush, like a Crest Extender toothbrush, it is important that you make certain you rinse and dry the brush before putting it away. There are several reasons for this.

First and foremost, the bristles of all toothbrushes serve as a perfect breeding ground for germs and algae, should the brush be left moist when you have finished brushing. Algae, surprisingly enough, is a problem as the moist bristles and the light in the bathroom provide everything it needs to begin to grow. This is why there is a rather "lake water" smell to brushes that have been left uncleaned and moist. This problem can be avoided by simply taking the time to dry the brush.

In addition to this, Sonicare Elite 7800 as well as any other toothbrush will last a lot longer if this care is taken. Even with brushing at least two times a day, the bristles will be more durable than if you did not take the proper care with your brushes. While brushes like the Crest Extender toothbrush can be replaced easily, replacement brush heads for electric brushes are far more expensive. With the proper care, you should be able to have your brushes last a long time, no matter what type they are.

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