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An Electric Toothbrush is far more effective than Reach Tooth Brushes and other manual brushes

By Rebecca Blain

When selecting a new brush, you need to keep in mind that an electric toothbrush is far more effective than Reach tooth brushes and other manual brushes like the Crest Extender toothbrush. While having the ability to throw away a brush and buy a new one on a whim is nice, a modular toothbrush allows you to get a deeper clean and a brighter smile by following the same dental hygiene habits that you use with a standard toothbrush.

Before you purchase any brush, it is important that you understand why an electric toothbrush is far more effective than Reach tooth brushes and other manual brushes. First, you must consider the power that electric brushes use. This power forces the bristles to get between your teeth and around your gums to remove as much plaque as possible. This is done in perfect equal motions, unlike the uneven brushing associated with manual brushes. On account of this, you can get all of the sections of your mouth equally clean in a shorter amount of time at every brushing.

An electric toothbrush is also more effective than Reach tooth brushes due to the cost aspects. While the electric brushes initially cost more, they do not have to be replaced nearly as often, and they prevent many cavities and tooth decay with proper use. A manual toothbrush, even when used properly, still leaves your teeth vulnerable to these problems as they can not remove all of the plaque that the electric brushes can.

As long as you maintain good dental hygiene habits of brushing at least twice a day, you can get the more benefit from the electric brushes. Through caution and careful research, you should be able to make the best decision for you, and save yourself money and time in the process.

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