Harman Vintage Toothbrush Holder
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The Harman Vintage Toothbrush Holder is for those who desire a bit of aged elegance in their bathroom

By Rebecca Blain

When you are looking for a way to have a bit of aged elegance in your bathroom, investing in a Harman Vintage toothbrush holder may be the solution for you. These holders are valuable collectors items that can withstand the wear and tear of the everyday world without being in high risk of being broken. As these containers can handle slimmer brushes like the crest extender toothbrush, most individuals can make use of them with no hassles.

Before you purchase your Harman Vintage toothbrush holder, you will need to make certain that you will not be placing it in an environment that will lead to its destruction. Households with young children, for example, are high risk places where your investment may easily be broken. If you have children or those who may break your brush holder, you will need to make certain it does not meet active use or that it is in a place where they can not reach it. In such cases, these holders can be used as decorations only, in out of reach places.

Unfortunately, there is one downside to purchasing and using a Harman vintage toothbrush holder. As these brush holders were made prior to the era of comfortable handles and electric brushes, a modular toothbrush and other bulky brushes may not fit in your holder. This is one aspect of these holders that make them unusable for most individuals. However, if you use a standard, throw away toothbrush, you will be able to enjoy this classic piece in your bathroom. As long as you take the time to keep your brush holder clean and your brushes dry, you should be able to enjoy having a true antique in your bathroom while maintaining a high standard for dental hygiene.

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