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How making use of a Crest Extender Toothbrush can improve the health and appearance of your teeth

By Rebecca Blain

Selecting a brush that can help you maintain better dental hygiene can be a difficult choice for many people. As brushing needs to be done at least twice a day, taking advantage of a Crest Extender toothbrush can help remove the discomfort associated with brushing on a daily basis. Crest, as a company for toothbrush development, understands how comfort is so important, which spurred their line of brushes designed to clean even the most difficult to access sections of your teeth and gums.

The Crest Extender toothbrush, with its long handle and unique shape, is designed so there is no discomfort associated with brushing behind your teeth. Unlike the Reach toothbrush, the Crest brushes are designed so that individuals of most ages can use them. While the grips and bristles are not ideal for very young children, these brushes are easy for the young adults and seniors alike to make use of, while still being gentle on sensitive teeth and gums.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the Crest extender toothbrush is the fact that these brushes are designed to be long lasting. While cheaper brushes will need replaced after a short period of time, this brush will remain with you long enough for you to be well worth your investment. While taking proper care of your brush can prolong the lifespan of your brush, you can make certain to get the most benefit from using a brush of this nature. With the proper care and diligence, you can begin brushing your teeth daily and enjoying the experience instead of dreading it. When you are finally into this habit, you will be able to smile without worrying about being embarrassed by your teeth.

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