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How you can get a bright smile while through having a sensitive teeth tooth whitening product

By Rebecca Blain

If you have sensitive teeth, tooth whitening products can be harsh and painful to your gums and teeth. As there are normally side effects to tooth whitening products like gum irritation and sore teeth, those with sensitive teeth undergo a great deal of pain. As this is a major issue for those who want to have a bright smile, yet suffer with this problem, finding a solution is very important.

As many teeth whitener pen products and white strips cause irritation, you will need to go to your dentist and find out about a product designed to numb your teeth and gums during the whitening process. This is only necessary if you want to go through the long term procedures to gain whiter teeth. There are even a few sensitive teeth tooth whitening products available on the market, although it will still cause some discomfort for the entire course of the whitening process and for a short time afterwards.

If you are willing to pay more money, there is a solution for those with sensitive teeth desiring tooth whitening products. Laser technology allows you to have your teeth fully whitened during one visit to the dentists office. However, the cost of laser teeth whitening is very expensive, and will still cause side effects such as sore gums. But as this is done within your dentists office, he will have all of the tools on hand to help with any pain you feel.

With the help of your dentist and a variety of numbing products, you should only feel mild discomfort for a few days before it fades. As this process lasts for months, even years, with the proper dental hygiene habits, it is well worth the high costs. With a little effort, you should be able to find the best solution for you.

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