Vitamins that cause Bad breath
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Why are there Vitamins that Cause Bad Breath?

By Rebecca Blain

When you are trying to isolate reasons why you may be suffering from bad breath, many people will try to isolate Vitamins that cause bad breath. However, it is not necessarily the vitamins that are causing the problem, but the lack of vitamins.

In order for your digestive system to work properly, there needs to be a variety of different vitamins present within your blood stream. Without these vital components, your body cannot digest food properly, which can result in bad breath. While products to cover bad breath may mask these symptoms, the only way to resolve them completely is to make certain that your body has everything it needs in order to function properly.

Vitamins that cause bad breath is a myth in this regard. It is primarily the lack of Vitamin B types that cause bad breath through soured air passing out through the mouth due to intestinal disturbances. This is easily resolved by making certain that you are adding enough of it in your diet. This can be accomplished by having a supplement at every meal.

There are a few cases where the culprit can be vitamins that cause bad breath. However, this is not due to the vitamin itself, but an imbalance within your intestinal system. By reviewing your diet and correcting this problem, your stomach and intestines should settle, and your bad breath should go away. If you need an immediate fix while you are working on your diet, products designed to cover bad breath can be useful. Unlike popular believe, toothpaste whitening power will not help resolve this problem, and it should only be used for the purposes of whitening your teeth. Once you identify the true cause of your problem, you should be able to resolve your bad breath quickly.

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