Recent Studies on Teeth Whitening
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Recent Studies on Teeth Whitening show potential dangerous Side Effects and risks of Cancer

By Rebecca Blain

Recent Studies on Teeth whitening have shown that there are potentially dangerous side effect and risks of cancer associated with the various methods available to the public today. While in many cases, the exact agent of the mouth cancer is not fully identified, research into the method shows potential reasons as to why the side effects of teeth whitening are as severe as they are.

The first consideration is the base science behind whiteners. The strongest tooth whitening agents are a good example of how this works, as they take this base science to extremes. Methods like laser whitening work by bleaching the enamel of the tooth and bleaching it so that the yellowing on your teeth vanishes. Recent studies on teeth whitening show that this method is very stressful on the tooth and gums, as it effectively breaks down the enamel on the tooth so you can have a whiter smile. Breaking down this enamel is a breakdown of the protective coating on your teeth that help prevent cavities and other dental problems. The chemicals used, in combination with weakened teeth and gums, causes for these methods to have a higher risk of cancer.

However, there is an upside to teeth whitening. Recent studies on teeth whitening have also shown that going through the process helps to create a desire for individuals to take better care of their teeth. As many of the side effects of teeth whitening is short term, the process encourages people to brush at least two times a day to prevent having to go through the treatments a second time. If you work diligently at maintaining good dental hygiene, you should be able to have that whiter smile without needing to go through potentially harmful processes.

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