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Knowing how the Sonicare Quadpacer Value affects your brushing experience can improve brushing satisfaction

By Rebecca Blain

When you are selecting a sonicare toothbrush, knowing what the true Sonicare Quadpacer Value is can help you make certain that you have the most satisfaction from brushing your teeth on a daily basis.

If you are new to electric toothbrushes, making the change can be tricky due to how different the experience is. The true Sonicare Quadpacer value lies in the fact that it permits you to focus more on your teeth and less on being uncertain of when you need to stop brushing a set of your teeth. Many customer reports on electric toothbrushes agree that any feature that permits you to know when you need to brush a different area of your teeth is valuable.

When you first purchase a toothbrush that makes uses of the Sonicare Quadpacer, you will realize the value of the device almost immediately. It basically works by beeping after a certain amount of time has passed so that you spend equal amounts of time on each section of your teeth. Normally, the device is set for every thirty seconds. When you brush, there will be four segments total, which allows you to cover all of the parts of your teeth. These sections include the upper front, the upper back, the lower front and the lower back. This timing makes you brush for a full two minutes at every brushing, which gives you the best clean you can possibly obtain.

The last consideration you should make when you are purchasing a toothbrush is whether or not the brush is a long life toothbrush. As all brushes that boast the Sonicare Quadpacer value are designed to be hearty and durable, you will have no worries about your toothbrush failing you shortly after purchase. Should the brush have some sort of defect, the company has a policy of replacing or refunding the broken device.

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