History On Whitening Teeth
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How the history on whitening teeth has affected the current market for whitening products

By Rebecca Blain

When you consider dental hygiene, it may surprise you at how ancient the concept of tooth health is. The history on whitening teeth, coupled with the development of products designed to cover bad breath, spans back for thousands of years back to ancient Egypt.

Before Christ, the history of teeth whitening began with a powder created in Egypt that was designed to clean and whiten teeth. This powder, made from peppers and other spices and powders, was harsh on the teeth.

Modern dentists that tried this formula were surprised to see it work, although it caused bleeding from the gums and some pain.

Not only did the ancient Egyptian formula prove to be the strongest tooth whitening 'product' in existence prior to the 1900s, it also served as one of the many 'products' designed to cover bad breath. This powder was used in addition to the Egyptian version of the toothbrush, allowing them to have a primitive version of the dental tools that we use today.

The history on whitening teeth continued from there, with other formulas created all over the eastern world from Europe to China. While none of these formulas were as effective as the Egyptian one, the evolution of these compounds encouraged individuals to attempt to take better care of their teeth. Unfortunately, it wasn't until the early 1900s that dental hygiene became a common part of everyday life. The influence of soldiers going to war and maintaining good dental hygiene, coupled with the development of the nylon bristles allowed the market to grow.

The past history on teeth whitening and the attempts at better hygiene were major influences, as the idea for good teeth care was not utterly foreign to those in the 1900s. Today, good dental hygiene is a daily part of life that would not be as important had it not been for the roots established in ancient Egypt.

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