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Making the best purchase and use possible out of a sonicare 4750 electric toothbrush

By Rebecca Blain

For those interested in purchasing a Sonicare 4750, which is also known as the Sonicare Advance 4700, there are several things that you need to know in order to get the best value for your money. Before you go to your local store or shop on line for the Sonicare 4750, you need to make certain this electric toothbrush has all of the options that you need.

As far as electric toothbrushes go, the sonicare 4750 provides a wide range of features. Like the Sonicare Elite model line, the Sonicare 4750 makes use of patented Sonicare technology. This technology works to ensure that you have cleaner teeth in a short period of time. In addition to this technology, the sonicare 4750 makes use of the Easy Start device. This device allows first time users of electric brushes to get used to the feel of electric brushing by slowly raising the power of the toothbrush until it reaches full power 12 brushings later. This helps make the change from normal brushing to power brushing much easier. As this is a problem that many consumer reports on any electric toothbrush mention, this device makes the change not quite as drastic.

In addition to this helpful device, the sonicare quadpacer adds a higher value to this device by beeping when it is time to change which section of your teeth you are brushing. This works in 30 second intervals so that the top, bottom, and upper inside and lower inside of your teeth all have equal length in brushing. This is crucial to obtaining the whitest teeth possible.

This combination of features allows the sonicare 4750 to match even the Sonicare Elite models while having a lower cost. This model permits you to get the best out of the electric toothbrush world while saving quite a lot of money for a reliable, trustworthy product.

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