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Protecting against the spread of illness, how and why to use a covered toothbrush holder

By Rebecca Blain

Keeping illness from spreading is a challenging thing in most households. One thing that you can do to prevent the spread of illness is to make certain that you make use of a covered toothbrush holder on every toothbrush in your house. This will help prevent a large percentage of the germs associated with a sick individual from spreading through contact with your brush. However, making use of a covered toothbrush holder is only the beginning of making certain it doesn't spread while having all of your family maintain good dental hygiene.

As many symptoms of illness include bad breath and other dental problems, brushing and maintaining dental hygiene is very important for the individual that is sick. When all of your family members brush their teeth, it is very important that the toothpaste within the tube does not directly touch the brush of the individual who is sick. This can be avoided through wiping off excess toothpaste with a cloth or object, as well as by applying the paste to an cleaned object then a toothbrush. This applies to toothpaste whitening power as well.

The most important thing you should do is to always make certain that you clean and dry your brush before putting it into its covered toothbrush holder. This cleaning will help kill germs, and drying it will prevent the build up of molds and other bacteria, which can cause illness. Diligence is the most important thing you need to maintain when you have a sick family member. By practicing safe dental hygiene coupled with the use of a covered toothbrush holder for all brushes in your house, you can ensure that your family is as well protected as they can be against illness in the home.

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