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Innovative New Purebrush Introduces Safe, Simple Way to Toothbrush Sanitizers

By Robert B.

A new ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer called the Purebrush may be the biggest advance in dental care since the toothbrush itself. Purebrush brings to a health-conscious consumer a safe, simple convenient, and economical way to sanitize toothbrushes for the first time, enhancing dental hygiene and overall good health.

"Most people would be horrified at the thought of never washing the fork they use to eat their breakfast, lunch or dinner with. Simply rinsing it off and putting it back in the kitchen drawer, and then re-using the same utensil to eat one’s next meal or snack and continuing this for month after month. Yet this is exactly what we do with our toothbrushes," observes James O. Murdock III inventor of the Purebrush Ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer

Until now says Murdock, you felt perfectly comfortable rinsing your toothbrush with plain tap water, then letting it dry in the dark humid atmosphere of your bathroom. No one ever warned you that you ran the risk of exposing yourself and your family to bacteria and germs which lurk on toothbrushes and which can be transferred from one toothbrush to another.

According to Murdock Laboratories, scientific studies have established that bacteria and germs remain on toothbrushes even after air-drying. Purebrush was developed to bring you a safe, reliable, and effective way to fight germs and bacteria on toothbrushes. Simply place your toothbrush inside Purebrush, close the door and let the 100% safe UV light toothbrush cleaner dry and sanitize each bristle.

Purebrush automatically turns itself on and then, after one hour, shuts itself off. When the LED indicator light goes out you know your toothbrush is sanitized and ready to be used again. Purebrush also accommodates Waterpik ® and Interplak® dental systems.

Purebrush safely removes 99.9% of all bacteria on toothbrushes in clinical studies at a leading New York university. Purebrush accomplishes this through the powerful sanitizing effects of intense ultraviolet light. Yet Purebrush is safe and easy to use, even for children. And Purebrush’s sleek, compact, and contemporary design appeals to children and adults alike, inviting use and promoting improved overall good health.

While complementing any bathroom decor, Purebrush is totally self-contained, so there are no parts to lose and no messy germicidal or microwave systems to worry about. Brackets are included for wall mounting. There’s even a handy cord storage spool on the bottom. The adjustable toothbrush rack inside your Purebrush accommodates any of today’s modern, longer toothbrush designs, as well as the shorter length of the children’s toothbrushes and your Waterpik or Interplak appliances. Purebrush carries a suggested retail price of only $79.95.

For more information, or to obtain color transparencies and black and white glossy photos of Purebrush contact Mr. Robert R. Quinlan Jr. at Murdock Laboratories, Inc. 123 Primrose Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 800 439-2497

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