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Murdock Laboratories, Inc. Announces Purebrush, The World's First Ultraviolet Toothbrush Infections Fighter

By Robert B.

Murdock Laboratories, Inc. announces the Purebrush, the world's first ultraviolet toothbrush purifier that prevents toothbrush infections. The Purebrush is an innovative consumer health care product. It is safe, effective and protects your family from infections of disease and illness.

University studies have conclusively demonstrated that harmful germs (bacteria, yeast and viruses) can live and even multiply on the common toothbrush contributing to the transmission of diseases. Clinical trials conducted by Dr. Richard T. Glass, DDS, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Oklahoma State University have confirmed the Purebrush is effective at eliminating deadly viruses and harmful bacteria that can incubate on common toothbrushes. The clinical trials encompassed the testing of various types of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, and viruses which were found to not only cause oral diseases, but were also found to be significant causes of diseases that can affect the entire body.

Purebrush utilizes patented technology to safely and effectively rid your toothbrush of harmful bacteria and virus, thus preventing the transfer of toothbrush infections from one brush to another. Simply store your toothbrush in the Purebrush and every time you brush your teeth all you will be putting in your mouth is a pure brush. Purebrush has been clinically proven effective, has been cleared with the FDA , is UL listed and carries the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. About the company - Murdock Laboratories, Inc. is a biotech medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative consumer health care products. The company also owns and operates for the dissemination of related information and the sale of consumer health care products.

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