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What sets a Natural Fiber Toothbrush apart from the rest?

By Rebecca Blain

Perhaps one of the most fascinating types of brushes still on the market is the natural fiber toothbrush. Brushes of this kind make use of materials only found in the wild. This is usually plant fibers or animal hairs. Due to this, these toothbrushes have a different feel that manufactured nylon toothbrushes, which some individuals prefer. As the first type of toothbrush was created from natural fibers, this is perhaps one of the oldest forms of brushing in the history of mankind. The most common material used was the neck hairs off of a boar.

Before you make a decision to use a natural fiber toothbrush, you need to ask yourself if you desire a long life toothbrush. Natural fibers, unfortunately, do not have the lifespan of a nylon toothbrush. The bristles wear away quicker, also having a higher probability of falling out of the brush. Despite this, however, many people prefer natural brushes as they seem more gentle on gums and teeth to some individuals. This also allows those who dislike the idea of a manufactured item in their mouth to be able to get the dental care they desire.

The real aspect of a natural fiber toothbrush that sets them apart from the rest can be seen when you compare them with a brand such as a sunbeam toothbrush. Unlike the natural fiber toothbrush, the sunbeam toothbrush relies on a wide variety of different "features" to entice individuals into buying them. A natural fiber toothbrush tends to be simplistic and plain, making use of good, reliable technology to give individuals the ability to have clean, healthy teeth. While some varieties of natural fiber toothbrushes make use of similar handles to the nylon Sunbeam toothbrush, many of them do not. While they do wear out quicker, there are still many advantages to using a natural fiber toothbrush.

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