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How to entice girls to brush, Ladybug Toothbrush and other themed brushes may be the solution

By Rebecca Blain

Sometimes, convincing a child to brush their teeth can be a very frustrating task for adults. Fortunately, for many parents of young girls, a ladybug toothbrush may help solve this problem. As many children, boy and girl alike, enjoy certain themes and activities, giving them an object that promotes their likes can be a very effective tool for getting them to do exactly as you want. As many young girls enjoy ladybugs, providing them with a ladybug toothbrush can turn brushing their teeth into a daily event that they can enjoy.

Girls are not the only sex of children that can enjoy brushing their teeth. Instead of a ladybug toothbrush, boys can begin enjoying their brushing with a dinosaur toothbrush that is more likely to interest and entertain them. Providing a ladybug toothbrush for the girls, and a dinosaur toothbrush for the boys, can help ingrain the habit of brushing their teeth every morning and evening so that they can have only the best in dental hygiene.

Perhaps the only downside to a children's toothbrush, such as the ladybug toothbrush, is the fact that there are not as many choices for children as there are for adults. For example, it is much more difficult to obtain a natural fiber toothbrush for a child, than it is for an adult. This is due to the fact that many of the shapes and bristle types used with adult toothbrushes are rough on the sensitive gums and teeth of children. A Ladybug toothbrush is designed with this in mind, so they are designed with softer bristles and an easy grip for children. Despite the lack of varieties available in functionality, you can still find a wide range of types available, as the shapes are not just limited to ladybugs and dinosaurs.

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