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How an antimicrobial toothbrush works

By Rebecca Blain

When you are shopping for a toothbrush, an antimicrobial toothbrush can solve many problems associated with bad breath and yellowed teeth. These toothbrushes are specially designed to help make certain that your teeth are as clean as they possibly can be without being in a full dentist's office for a proper check up. In order to be able to this, antimicrobial toothbrushes are designed to kill bacteria within your mouth.

As you brush, the special bristles, combined with the toothpaste you use, works to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath and the yellowing of your teeth. These brushes are specifically designed to scratch off the bacteria attached to your teeth and remove them, allowing your toothpaste to destroy them. While this needs to be repeated on a daily basis, preferably after you eat, this works to make certain your teeth look good while preventing cavities. This is very important, as preventing the bacteria build up on your teeth and removing tartar before it gets a hold can help keep your breath smelling good while maintaining good appearances.

Brushing your teeth with an antimicrobial toothbrush is not the only thing you need to do for a healthy smile. Keeping your brush in a covered toothbrush holder can prevent a wide variety of germs from attaching to the bristles. You should always make an effort to clean and dry your brush after use, so the covered toothbrush holder can be as effective as possible. With a dried brush, your bristles will also be protected from any mold that might attempt to grow on the brush. It is always advised to make certain that you wash your brush before every use as a safety precaution.

In addition to making use of a covered holder, you should use a product such as Crest white strips to whiten your teeth along with making use of your antimicrobial toothbrush. This combination will help make certain that your smile is the best it can be, without needing constant trips to the dentist to obtain this.

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