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College students oral hygiene & lifestyle correlates among new undergraduate university students

By Robert B.

College students are known for being poor and partying too much, amongst their studies. But many people, specifically dentists, question college students oral hygiene practices. Between all of the studying, drinking, and partying, do students really take the time to brush their teeth?

Little is known about college students oral hygiene and the factors associated with how often they brush their teeth. Some researchers used a structured questionnaire to investigate these issues in a sample of 954 new students at the American University of Beirut in fall 1998.

The results indicated poor flossing habits and unfavorable dietary habits among the group. Moreover, using logistic regression analysis, they found that variables such as gender, father's education, exercise, and dietary habits, were significantly correlated with the how frequently the students brushed their teeth.

Appropriate promotional activities to improve flossing and dietary habits associated with better oral hygiene are recommended. In addition, the researchers call for further research to elaborate on the deficiencies in oral health practices and explore a wider variety of lifestyle behaviors and their correlation.

While it appears that the oral hygiene of university students can improve, oral problems may also be linked to the increase consumption of food of many students during studying that leads to the infamous "freshman 15." While the Sonicare, the dentist recommendation best electric toothbrush, may help with these problems, an overall increase time spent brushing is what would benefit college students the most.

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