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How to select toothbrush cleaners

By Robert B.

When’s the last time you did a home toothbrush sterilization? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been never! But have you ever considered trying a toothbrush cleaner & sanitizer? There are a few options available for you to try if you’re interested how to clean your toothbrush:

UV light toothbrush cleaner

These are, by far, the most popular option for cleaning your toothbrush. You simply store your toothbrush in a special case that has a UV light bulb that draws a little power from a wall outlet. The UV light kills bacteria that may have made a home of your toothbrush. I wouldn’t recommend running this type of cleaner 24/7 or you’ll need to replace the bulb about every month.

Steam toothbrush cleaner

Toothbrush cleaners such as the Germinator use steam to kill bacteria on toothbrushes. This option may be better because you won’t have to worry about bulb replacements.

So how to these devices work? Well, the UV light kills the bacteria by cutting up it’s DNA genetic code. When this happens to humans, we simply get skin cancer after too much UV light, while it kills bacteria because they’re so small. Steam cleaning is nothing different, many industries use steam to clean and sanitize things.

Whatever toothbrush cleaner you choose, there will be one thing certain. You’ll have an even cleaner mouth because you won’t be placing that germ filled toothbrush back in your mouth!

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