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Keep your teeth clean with a Sonicare Elite Toothbrush

By Robert B.

Most people know the leader in electric toothbrushes is clearly Sonicare. Their brushes move the fastest to give the best clean out of many toothbrushes on the market. They receive countless good cordless toothbrush ratings, but you probably know all of this already.

So what makes the Sonicare elite toothbrush different from the Sonicare advance toothbrushes? Iím glad you asked!

First, all of their brushes carry a full 2-year warranty. Also they all automatically turn off after 2 minutes and have Easy-Start technology, which gradually increases the speed of the brush over time during your first few uses as you adjust to the toothbrush.

The Elite models have the following features above and beyond the Advance models:

  • Dual speed control to set the brush at high or low speeds

  • Comfortable handle and grip to making brushing more comfortable

  • Recharge indicator so you know when itís time to place the brush on its charging holder

  • Excellent combination of bristles to effectively clean the teeth

While the standard Advance brush gets the job done, all of the perks in a Sonicare elite toothbrush make brushing your teeth so much more delightful! If youíve never tried a Sonicare, youíre definitely missing out!

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