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Don’t forget your Sonicare replacement brush heads

By Robert B.

You probably know that you should change your toothbrush every couple months, right? And I can probably guess that you havenít, most people donít. But for those with electric toothbrushes, what are you supposed to do?

While you donít exactly have to throw away your cordless toothbrush every few months, there is a relatively simple solution to keep it in peak operating condition. The answer is replacement tooth brush heads every 6 months or so.

Sonicare replacement brush heads are easy to find at under$25, and you can generally buy multi-packs for the best deal per brush head.

When shopping, make sure you have your model number handy. As you probably well know, Sonicare has many models in their Advance & Elite product lines. All of the brushes fit differently, so itís critical that your order the right one. For example, a Philips Sonicare 2-pk. elite series replacement brush heads wonít work with your Advance series electric toothbrush. You should keep these little details in mind when shopping your youíll just come out with headaches.

So where can you get these Sonicare replacement brush heads? Well the cheapest and most convenient option is to order them online. Most stores will give you free shipping if you order a certain amount of products. Thereís nothing to lose except for your oral health if you donít replace that brush head regularly. The best toothbrush in the world by Sonicare will do no good if the bristles are worn out!

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