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Whiten your teeth faster with Crest Whitestrips Premium

By Robert B.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the traditional Crest white strips, or maybe you’re new to the entire teeth whitening scene. Regardless, you should definitely give Crest Whitestrips Premium a look, they are getting supreme white strips reviews from consumers.

So what makes these different from the more traditional white strips?

  • Amount - The reason behind this will be explained below, but the regular Crest white strips have 56 strips per box, 28 for uppers and 28 for lower teeth. While, the Premium white strips have 28 strips per box, or 14 for uppers and 14 for lowers.

  • Time Period - Premium whitestrips are only used for 7 days, while the traditional ones are used for a full 14 days. Both are used twice a day.

  • Strength - As you can notice, you only use the Premium strips for half as long as the traditional ones. This is because their active ingredients are twice as strong.

Now I wouldn’t go as far to call these strips a pain, but my previous Crest whitestrips experiences tell me that the sooner I can get my teeth whitened, the better! Although the Crest Whitestrips Premium are only $5 more or so, the time saved by using them a week less is more than worth the cost!

One final thing to keep in mind is that teeth whitening is a two part battle, prevention of future stains and treatment of past stains. Just don’t forget to use a good whitening toothpaste that protects your teeth from future stains before, during, and after you use those whitestrips!

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