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The debate rages on; Which are better, hard or soft toothbrushes

By Robert B.

As you probably already know, there are hard or soft toothbrushes available for you to purchase. You can even find medium toothbrushes too. Soft, medium, and hard represent how stiff the bristles of the brush are. With all the choices, which should you brush with to clean your teeth the best?

First, look at your current toothbrush, regardless of whether it has hard or soft bristles. Are the bristles bent outwards? If they are, this is bad! Regardless of whether you have a soft or hard bristled brush, you’re brushing too hard. This is the main reason why people consider purchasing hard bristled brushes, and it’s a very bad reason! You could be doing irreparable damage to your teeth’s enamel and your gums.

Many toothbrush statistics show that when comparing hard or soft toothbrushes, soft bristled brushes always out-clean the hard bristled ones. In addition, you’ll also find that most, if not all American Medical Association toothbrushes are soft bristled ones, not hard. There is simply too much data to show that soft bristled brushes clean the teeth better and are safer than hard bristled versions.

So, if you’re having problems with your bristles bending outwards, it may not be the toothbrush. Try to not brush as hard with your brush and you’ll find that soft bristled toothbrushes will work just fine.

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