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Sonicare is easily the dentist recommendation best electric toothbrush

By Robert B.

There are countless electric toothbrushes currently on the market, which makes things even more confusing. From Airsonic to Sonicare, countless companies with even more models make shopping for the ideal electric toothbrush difficult. A simple technique to use is to ask for your dentist recommendation of the best electric toothbrush. Generally dentists can recommend what works for their other patients and themselves, too!

Countless consumer reports on toothbrushes and surveys of dentists point to Sonicare as being the industry leading electric toothbrush. It receives excellent cordless toothbrush ratings, more than many other models.

So, what makes a Sonicare standout enough to earn countless recommendations from dentists as the best electric toothbrush manufacturer?

  • The Sonicare brush head moves at speeds faster than any another electric toothbrush on the market, cleaning the teeth more effectively.

  • Quadrapacer beeps every 30 seconds to alert you to switch sections of your mouth. This handy reminder helps you brush all surfaces of your teeth effectively

  • Ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold

These are just a few of the many features that cause Sonicare to receive great electric toothbrush ratings & reviews. While Sonicare toothbrushes are among the most expensive on the market, you can never be too concerned with money when it involves your health. After all, why would the dentist recommendation for best electric toothbrush be Sonicare again and again?

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