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Encourage the little ones to brush their teeth with an animal wall suction toothbrush holder

By Robert B.

Most adults have trouble brushing their teeth twice a day, let alone children! There are many ways to encourage brushing in your little ones, such as dinosaur toothbrushes and an animal wall suction toothbrush holder!

Kids will enjoy brushing their teeth more every night if they could turn it into a fun experience! For example, lets just imagine little Billy. He never brushed his teeth because he was too busy playing with toys and video games. His parents and dentist tell him all the time to brush more, but Billy always thinks itís a waste of time!

One day, mommy comes home with a new animal wall suction toothbrush holder and toothbrush. She didnít get one of those self adhesive toothbrush holders because theyíre hard to remove from the wall, incase Billy doesnít like it. But he loves it! With his animal toothbrush and holder, Billy can pretend heís the toothbrush, hiding in the jungle from the toothbrush holder. Naturally, Bill will brush longer because he doesnít want to be eaten by his animal toothbrush holder, but he knows itís inevitable.

There are many ways for parents to encourage brushing, but the most effective is to make your child enjoy brushing, not threatened by punishment. So go out and get a wall suction toothbrush holder. It can be an animal or whatever you want, all that matters is the children have fun!

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