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Store and keep your toothbrush clean with a UV light toothbrush cleaner

By Robert B.

So, you brush your teeth twice a day, everyday. Great, youíre keeping your teeth clean! But let me ask you a question, where do you think all of the bacteria and microorganisms go that you brush off your teeth? Theyíre still on your toothbrush, where studies have shown they can survive for 24 hours!

A UV light toothbrush cleaner can kill those bacteria so youíre not brushing with a dirty toothbrush time and time again.

While standard covered toothbrush holders may get the job done, they arenít toothbrush sanitizers by any means.

You may be asking yourself, are these UV light toothbrush cleaners a scam or are they the real deal? And do I need to use them all the time? Itís true that toothbrush cleaners arenít widely heard of or publicized, but thatís not to say they donít work. The UV light does kill the bacteria that may reside on your toothbrush. The worst type of bacteria on toothbrushes to fight are the ones that cause colds, the flu, etc. Every time you brush you may be reintroducing the bacteria or virus into your system.

So whatís my advice? Use the toothbrush cleaner, but donít use it all the time. The bulbs have about a 1000 hour life which you could eat up in about 40 days if you left it running 24/7. Then youíll have to purchase a bulb replacement for at least $20. My advice is to use it a day or two a week, and then every day if you or a family member is ill.

While you may not see the immediate effects of using UV light to clean your toothbrush, youíll be sicker less often and so will the rest of your family!

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