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How does the fresh up tongue scraper work?

By Robert B.

Everyone has bad breath at one time or another, but you donít have to live with it. Most of the odors that cause bad breath originate from the back of the tongue, so this is the area that you should concentrate on! Itís not hard to tackle this problem, and youíll have most of the tools youíll need already. Except for one, a fresh up tongue scraper from OraSweet.
  • First, brush the back of your tongue every time you brush your teeth. And not some quick little brush either! Rub it side-to-side and front & back. Rinse your brush and do it again.

  • Next, use your fresh up tongue scraper and gently rub the back of your tongue in forward and side-to-side motions. Donít scrape too hard or you may break the scraper in your mouth and/or hurt your tongue.

The scraper removes the sulfur, odor producing bacteria from your tongue, along with other decaying debris and food. These arenít products to cover bad breath, but rid you of the source of the problem. They are very simple to use and can be found on our bad breath remedies page. If youíre looking for a new solution to your bad breath, a fresh up tongue scraper is definitely worth a shot. At under $5 a piece theyíre not an expensive solution to cure your bad breath for good.

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