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Sonicare releases a new brush combo, the Sonicare 7600

By Robert B.

While the Sonicare technology continues to improve, so does their product offerings. The new Sonicare 7600 incorporates many additional features and accessories that arenít found in the traditional Elite models.

Some of these extra features include:

  • An extra Sonicare brush head ( 2 in all). These should be replaced every 6 to 8 months as the bristles become worn down from brushing. This is good maintenance on your brush and itís nice that Sonicare includes this extra one.

  • Luxury holder that has more storage areas than the traditional.

  • Extra holder for the additional brush head. This comes in handy if more than one person use the same brush, but different brush heads.

  • In addition, it comes with a deluxe travel case that makes traveling with your Sonicare 7600 electric toothbrush a breeze.

If youíre not well familiar with the Sonicare product line, you should be! It is the number one dentist recommendation best electric toothbrush. Many survey, polls, etc. confirm this, if you want the hard data it shouldnít be too hard to find online.

On average, people brush their teeth longer with electric toothbrushes than manual ones. This is the largest benefit of using a Sonicare 7600. In addition, the Quadrapacer feature that Sonicare adds beeps every 30 seconds to tell you itís time to switch sections in your mouth.

While the traditional Sonicare Advanced & Elite models will get the job done, the 7600 model has great features that you wonít find anywhere else.

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