self adhesive plastic toothbrush holders
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Self adhesive plastic toothbrush holders get the job done!

By Robert B.

While there are many different hi tech options to store your toothbrush, good old fashioned self adhesive plastic toothbrush holders work great. You may not be sure what Iím talking about, but Iím positive youíve seen these before. These are the toothbrush holders that stick out from your wall and have holes in them for dropping your toothbrush in. Usually they are made for four toothbrushes with a place for a cup in the middle. These would not make a good revolving toothbrush holder, however.

Can you picture them now? Good!

While these may not be the most advanced option to storing toothbrushes, they arenít a primitive toothbrush holder either.

Before you go out and buy one, here are some features to consider:

Shapes, sizes, material, and colors

I chose to group these features together because they generally are all considered when making a purchase. How big do you want it to be? What colors would it compliment in your bathroom? Are you looking for a traditional self adhesive plastic toothbrush holders or fancier ones made of porcelain?


Just because you clean your mouth with your toothbrush doesnít mean all your problems end there. You just transfer the gunk from your mouth onto your toothbrush, which gets on your toothbrush holder This type of toothbrush holder is very easy to clean, simply whip it down every week or so. And unlike covered toothbrush holders, the cups with lids, you wonít have to worry about the gunk and liquid that forms in toothbrush holders that are cups.

While self adhesive holders for toothbrushes stick to your wall, they are easy to remove with a good adhesive remover available at any hardware store. Just do it quickly because those adhesive removes may damage or discolor your holder if itís made of plastic. Now go pick the perfect toothbrush holder using these tips, Iím sure youíll find what youíre looking for.

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