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How does argon laser tooth whitening work?

By Robert B.

Have you heard of laser whitening for your teeth? Youíve probably heard of it, but are you sure how it works? If itís a laser why canít I just shine a laser pointer onto my teeth? Well, itís not that simple! First, the technical name for this procedure is argon laser tooth whitening. Now, hereís a little about teeth whitening in general before we discuss the specifics of the laser procedure.

Whitening teeth first originated as an in office procedure at your local dentistís office. It usually involved a peroxide gel in a tray that you bite into for a specific amount of time. These could involve custom fitting trays, multiple appointments, and many more features. Today, you can do this in your own home.

Now, dentistís offer zoom whitening and argon laser tooth whitening. This laser procedure can run from $700 to over $1000, depending on where you live, the materials used, etc., so shop around and get plenty of price quotes. Your dentist will apply a peroxide gel to your teeth, much like traditional bleaching, but it is exposed to a laser in short bursts. The peroxide gel releases oxygen that bonds to the stains deep in your teeth and removes them.

Depending on your budget, there are many different teeth whitening options available to you, but for the fastest results, there is no other whitening choice than using an argon laser at your dentist.

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